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Great Father wants you well!

Sozo is a Greek word meaning wholeness; much like the Hebrew word Shalom.  God did not send his Son to condemn us but through Him we might be saved (John 3:17). Even though the writers were Jewish, the original text of the New Testament was written in the Greek language (business language of those times). The word “saved” in John 3:17 comes from the Greek word “Sozo.” Sozo is often translated "saved." We interpret that word to mean forgiveness and many have reduced “saved” to only mean forgiven. Sozo includes forgiveness, but goes much farther!

Sozo refers to the spirit, soul [mind, will and emotions] and body; and in that order.  When you hear anyone referring to "body, soul, spirit," be aware that this is an incorrect order of priorities as evidenced by the Word of God and not related to Sozo or Shalom.  (1 Thessalonians 5:23) God is a Spirit (John 4:24) and we are made in his image so our focus should always be on the Spirit first.

In fact, forgiveness is not even a part of this word’s definition. Sozo means to 1) save a suffering one (from perishing), i.e. one suffering from disease, to make well, heal, restore to health, deliver from peril, to be made whole! and 2) To preserve one who is in danger of destruction, to save or rescue.

We have witnessed our heavenly Father heal His people as they enter into worship in the presence of holiness, and in the power of the anointing of the Holy Ghost. We have seen deaf ears opened, bones straightened out, stage four cancer healed , confirmations of MS healing and several delivered from drug and alcohol addictions and the pains of childhood sexual assaults.(PTSD).  Glory to God!

The First Nations people have long known that music glorifying Creator brings healing to the body and peace to the soul. For years folks have shared with me that the native wind flute music soothes their soul and they have received healing after listening to the “Maracle” Mohawk wind flute that I use.

I Samuel, Chapter 16 tells of a famous Hebrew King who trusted the words of his servants and music to bring peace to his soul.  King Saul trusted the words of his servants; how much more should we trust the Word of God for our wellness!



Native Sounds of Heaven

Sherry McGraw, Chari Bouse

  Healing in His Wings CD

"Healing in His Wings" brings healing scriptures, anointed music, healing testimonies, and the plan of salvation set to the beautiful sounds of the Mohawk wind flute. This CD is for donations only, minimum $5 each for shipping and handling. Send to a loved one or keep on hand for personal use!  Click here to order yours today.

        Narration and Vocals        -      Sandy Anthony

   Eagle Wind Mohawk Flute   -    Chari Bouse

         Keyboard and Piano        -       Sherry McGraw

Includes two original songs by Chari White Eagle, Texas Cherokee Tribe

The Healing in His Wings project uses music that is straight from Isaiah 58:12, which says: “…thou shall be called The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in.” The music on this recording is not only to prepare the
hearts of the listener to receive healing from God’s word, but also to serve as a bridge over the breach between the First Nations and the Anglo cultures.

We are honoring the First Nations music and its healing power while gently blending traditional hymns with a keyboard. Our anointed keyboard player was integral in helping arrange all of the songs and we are indebted to Sherry
McGraw for her gifts and labor of love in this project.

This recording will not only bring physical and emotional healing to the multitudes but our prayer is that it will also serve as a bridge to reaching a most precious resource we have on Americas First Nations reservations. They are
the “first seed” to this land. Why is the first seed so important? Because they are the most likely to succeed! Blessings!

We want to thank our Mohawk Brother Jonathan Maracle, director of Broken Walls Ministries for his  technical support and for his anointed flutes!      Below is a picture of his flutes that I used in our recordings.   His flutes are available on his website at www.brokenwalls.com.  Brother Jonathan also has many anointed Cds available and you will be blessed by Jonathan and the Broken Walls band.

Maracle's Eagle Wind Mohawk Flutes

  First Nations  - Creator's Sleeping Giants



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