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"Seek to mature in the Spirit so that because of use, your senses have been trained to discern both good and evil." 

                           ...Hebrews 5:14

Fear of Man
Have you been delievered from people?
By Chaplain Chari Bouse
The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.”  Proverbs 29:25

One statement from God can change your life forever. This statement may shock some and offend others, however, if you have an “open mind with a view to change” then this statement will set you free! 

The scripture above means that when we fear only God, nothing can steal our Joy! Then we can we be bold as a lion! However, if we fear rejection from our friends or family, we will never be free to be our true selves. Those who fear or meditate on what others think of them are in emotional bondage; their soul is not prospering! Only those trusting in God's opinion alone can be “delivered from people.”

The early church had real persecution. They were put in chains, prison and even put to death for their boldness in sharing their faith. In our Western society, we cannot relate to this; however, the fear of man is still very real. The fear of losing friends or fear of what others think is just as powerful!

The devil knows your fears, too. The easiest way for him to stop your success in life is to use a person you respect to stop you from doing what God has told you to do!  The voices of man are loud. The voice of the Holy Spirit is a still, small voice that has a calming strength to it.  Which voice are you meditating on?  If you have been given a dream or vision about your future, do not seek the “opinion” of others. Listen and act upon that still, small voice—the voice of God Himself!

Now to the statement that will set you free: “
Your success in life, your destiny, is directly connected to the church you are attending.” Yes, you can stunt God’s plan for your life by going to the wrong church. The Holy Spirit will lead you to where God wants you to be planted IF you will trust that still, small voice. Most believers go to a church because it is the one that their family or friends attend. Don’t be surprised if your friends are not as committed to God as you are and don’t let their doubt alter your faith. 

Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to your “home” church and you “
shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, That brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.”  Psalms 1:3.  There is that word “prosper” again.   God wants you to prosper so that you can help others! 

When you
redefine your reality by putting God’s Word first, you will be on the path to a peaceful, successful life, spirit, soul and body!  You will be delivered from people!  You will go from being pitiful to powerful!  You will be the consoler and not the consoled.  You will have victory in every area of your life! 

Now that is Good News!   Amen!


 Nuggets of Wisdom:   Religion is in the guilt business - it tells you what you can't have.  God is in the overflow business - He tells you what you can have! Psalms 25:13

Animal medicine for the soul:    

Bear Medicine, Buffalo Medicine, Wolf Medicine, Eagle Medicine -

Ram's Horn Medicine (shofar)   "Happy is the nation that knows the call of the shofar!" (Tehillim 89:16, said immediately after the shofar service on Rosh Hashanah). 

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